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About Me:  I’m a thrity-something year old Filipina (Pinay) who was born and raised in California.  Besides Veganism and being proud of my Filipino roots, I enjoy music, art, film photography, reading, cooking, snowboarding (since I was sixteen and proud of it!!!), practicing Bikram Yoga, and running.

What’s in the name? My parents are from the Ilocos Region of the Philippines, my Mother from Baguio and my Father from Laoag.  I grew up in an Ilocano household, surrounded by Ilocano food and the Ilocano dialect hence, the origins of the name Vegan Ilokana.  My mom actually thought of this name for my first food blog but since I wanted to be politically correct, I did not want to call myself Vegan at the time until now.

And so my journey begins… I started my journey of being a vegetarian on October 5th, 2008. The industrial production and unethical treatment of farm animals and “seafood” has by far impacted my decision to go vegetarian.  In 2010, I decided that a Vegan lifestyle was the only way I can make my political stance against the use of animals for the sole purpose of benefiting humans.  For me, this goes beyond the consumption of meat, but rather all social consumerist aspects of  purchasing anything that comes from an animal or made with any animal by-products (make-up, household cleaning products, leather shoes, etc.).

With that said, I’ve decided to start a new blog and no longer post on my food blog (thevegetarianilokana.blogspot.com).   Veganism is more than just food and recipes.  Veganism is not a diet.  It’s a lifestyle and for me, a journey of being conscious of the way I live.  Because veganism has become such an integral part of my life, this blog will explore my life as a Vegan Pinay and every aspect of Veganism.

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7 thoughts on “About me…

    1. Hi daniel. To tell you the truth, I’ve never looked for a Filipino Vegetarian Cookbook. I play around with family recipes and veganize them myself. I have however, stumbled upon a Filipino vege cookbook in the Philippines this past summer and bought it. I just posted it on my blog.

  1. More power to you Vegan Ilokana! Please keep posting and chronicling your vegan lifestyle. You’re such an inspiration to the rest of us, vegans and carnivores alike!

    1. Thank you Astig Vegan for the kind words. I’ve been really busy and haven’t had the time to update my blog. I’m definitely going to try to set aside time to update my blog AT LEAST once a week.

  2. Woohoo ! Glad I stumbled on your blog site ! I was looking for recipes to veganize traditional Filipino food and yours popped up ! Thanks for sharing your story ! Vegan power all the way ! ~<3 from San Diego

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