It really doesn’t have to be this way… (Farm Sanctuary)

Please rethink where your milk, eggs, and meat comes from.  Have compassion and love for animals.  No animal should suffer for human consumption.  Liberate animals now! Make a statement and go VEGAN! OR visit their website and make a donation (Like I DO!) to bring public awareness of the atrocities that go on at these farms and end to help end factory farming now.

I have yet to make a trip out to Farm Sanctuary here in California!!! I’ve been wanting to visit with my hubs since 3 years ago.  I WILL make this happen soon! Check out their  site!


Fish do feel pain.

Some people automatically assume that if you’re Vegetarian/Vegan you still eat fish or “seafood”.  This has been my experience.  Their reasons for this, I really don’t know.  Maybe they think flesh or “meat” needs to be red meat that comes from animals like cows and pigs.  For whatever reason, meat is meat.  Flesh is flesh.  Pain is pain.

This documentary is from Mercy for Animals.  It’s of an undercover investigation at a catfish slaughter facility in Texas. Here is what MFA discovered:

  • Workers using pliers to pull the skin off of live fish
  • Dozens of fish crammed into buckets and baskets, gasping for oxygen
  • Skinned fish still moving and gasping on the cutting table
  • Fish flailing and struggling to escape the workers’ knives
  • Live fish sliced and split in half
  • Workers tearing the heads off of live fish

I could not sit through the whole documentary because it was so disturbing to see.  I can never look at catfish fillets at a market the same without thinking about the pain it must have endured to be on a human’s plate for dinner.