Granny Smith Apple and Orange Green Smoothie


>green onions… woo hoo!!! the beginning of my garden!


i grew up to vegetables gardens and fruit trees and my dad making sure we had vegetables every night on our dinner table.  he grew eggplants, chillies, tomatoes, green onions, lettuce, avocados, oranges, calamansi, bitter melon, bananas, string beans, mallungay, guavas, persimmons, strawberries.. you name it!!! i grew up on all these fresh organic vegetables and didn’t even realize how fortunate i was!

one of my goals this years is to start a small balcony garden.  this past weekend when i went to visit my family, my dad gave me some tomato seeds (these seeds were actually dried from tomatoes from his garden) and green onion roots.  i went ahead and bought a couple of starter pots and soil a couple of days ago and planted my green onions.  they’ve already grew a couple of inches!  after a couple of weeks i’m going to transfer them to a bigger pot.  i can’t wait!  in the spring, i’m going to go ahead and plant the tomato seeds.