Food Dehydrator

I finally bought myself a food dehydrator and can’t wait to start using it!!! I’ve been wanting one for a while now but haven’t gotten around to purchasing one since I’ve been adjusting to this new motherhood role. I finally feel like I have this twin thing down and have had time to get back into the kitchen to cook up some vegan goodness.

Before I found out I was preggos, I’ve been interested in incorporating more raw foods into my diet. I bought tons of raw cookbooks and have been researching on the health benefits of eating raw. Although, many of the recipes called for a food dehydrator, which in turn, take a lot of time to prepare. I definitely didn’t have the energy and time while I was preggos to go raw because…well, I was just too exhausted. I also had the worst case of morning sickness and the thought of certain foods made me nauseous.

So here I am now. 2013 and my very own food dehydrator. Time to start cranking out new raw recipes for the year with my new toy!! Yay!