Vigan Empanadas


If you haven’t tried Ilocano Empanadas then your definitely missing out! These particular empanadas are from the province of Vigan in the Ilocos Region of the Philippines. They are made with rice flour and Atchuete to give it that orange color and are usually filled with green papaya, mung beans, longaniza, and an egg then fried. To top off this piping hot fried goodness, they are eaten with either Ilocos vinegar or banana ketchup.

I’m so glad I got my empanada fix when I went back home in January. I’ve been craving for these empanadas since the last time I went home. Since the vendor makes the empanadas right in front of you, I asked her to make mine with just papaya and mung beans. It was delish!

Don’t worry, I’ve already thought about making this empanada. I just need to carve out some time out of my busy twinathon schedule to get creative in the kitchen! Coming soon!