Orange Green Smoothie


I woke up today with a cough and a sore throat!  It totally ruined my plans to go for my long run today.  Decided to load up on some vitamin C and put four oranges in my green smoothie this morning.  I have to say, it actually tasted like orange juice!!! YUM!  For this smoothie, I used four oranges, a banana, a handful of strawberries, a handful of carrots, a green apple, spinach, flax seed and water.


Mango and Malunggay Green Smoothie


You didn’t think I was actually going back to the Philippines without making a green smoothie there did you????

When I went back home to the Philippines a few weeks ago, I was already thinking about what kind of green smoothies I could make using vegetables that were growing straight from my family’s backyard and fruits from the local palanky.  I knew for sure we had a bunch of Malunggay trees in the backyard so I was already thinking about different smoothie concoctions during the 14+hour plane ride.

So here’s one of my FAVORITES smoothies that I made back home.  Mango and Malunggay made with fresh buko shreds and buko water.



Mango green smoothie


Today I had me a delicious and refreshing mango smoothie. Instead of
using water, I used coconut water instead. This was my first time using coconut water and it wasn’t as sweet as I expected, which was actually a good thing. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and I’m not into sweet green smoothies. This was perfect.

Flax seed
Chia seeds
Coconut Water

Food Dehydrator

I finally bought myself a food dehydrator and can’t wait to start using it!!! I’ve been wanting one for a while now but haven’t gotten around to purchasing one since I’ve been adjusting to this new motherhood role. I finally feel like I have this twin thing down and have had time to get back into the kitchen to cook up some vegan goodness.

Before I found out I was preggos, I’ve been interested in incorporating more raw foods into my diet. I bought tons of raw cookbooks and have been researching on the health benefits of eating raw. Although, many of the recipes called for a food dehydrator, which in turn, take a lot of time to prepare. I definitely didn’t have the energy and time while I was preggos to go raw because…well, I was just too exhausted. I also had the worst case of morning sickness and the thought of certain foods made me nauseous.

So here I am now. 2013 and my very own food dehydrator. Time to start cranking out new raw recipes for the year with my new toy!! Yay!