Baked Vegan Filipino Banana Langka Turnovers

This is my ode to Jolly Bee’s Banana Langka Pie. hehe.  Originally I wanted to make them into triangles but the way I cut the pastry crust was uneven so the dough wouldn’t have folded evenly into a triangle.  This was my first time experimenting and making this so I still need to practice : )

All-in-all, my hubs liked it and it settled my cravings for Banana Langka pie! YEEEEE!

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3 thoughts on “Baked Vegan Filipino Banana Langka Turnovers

  1. Wow that look soo good. What a great idea, I’ve been craving for Jollibee’s peach mango pie but have always skipped coz it’s not vegan.

  2. next time i make some, i’ll drop them off at your house. hehe. better yet, let’s bake together : ) It was really easy to make!!!

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