Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwich

It’s been A LONG TIME since I’ve lasted posted on my blog.  Since I found out about my pregnancy back in November I haven’t had the stomach, taste buds, or the energy to cook, let alone post on my blog.  My nausea has been the WORST!  The smell of anything cooking in the kitchen, especially onions, garlic, and rice, intensified my nausea and migraines. GAG. I couldn’t handle it.  I

But this week, I had some progress in the kitchen! YAY!  I’m 16 weeks and 6 days into my pregnancy and my nausea has toned down a lot! WHOOHOO!  I’ve been able to cook myself a grilled cheese sandwich! hehe.  I don’t know if I can cook a full on meal yet, but this will do for now.

I added a little special something here- tofurkey and tomato slices. Time to finish up eating my late night craving : )


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