Vegan Mongolian “Beef”

Last minute dinner I whipped up real quick.  I used Gardien beefless tips.


Lychee Fruit

This is a popular fruit that is native throughout Southern China and South East Asia.  I purchased these at a local Asian grocery store.  If you haven’t tasted Lychees before, they kind of taste like a really sweet grape.  To eat these babies, all you have to do is peel the skin!  Beware of the seed in the middle.

I had these while I was in the Philippines this past summer.  Missing and reminiscing about the motherland.




Whole Foods Market Bakery- YES! VEGAN OPTIONS!

I had a rough 6th period yesterday and all I could think about was stuffing my face with cupakes and cookies.  haha.  Whole Foods Market Bakery has a pretty good selection of vegan baked goods- from cookies to cakes.  You can even pre-order vegan cakes!!!  Pictured here are vegan Ginger cookies, Almond Gem cookies, German Chocolate cookies, and a Chocolate Cupcake!

Vegan “Beef” Machado

Beef Machado is a Filipino dish that can be compared to an all American Stew.    My parents never really cooked this dish when I was growing up but I always loved eating this at family parties and ordering this dish at Filipino restaurants.

Beef Machado is usually cooked with beef chunks.  This was my first time cooking this dish and I experimented using Vegan ground “beef”.  I’d have to say…this turned out pretty good.