Bean curd cooked in Mama Sita’s BBQ Marinade

So lately I’ve really been into cooking with bean curd.  You can do so much with it because of its  texture and firmness.  I was at the Filipino grocery store the other day and decided to experiment with Mama Sita’s Marinade and bean curd.  It was POURING the day I cooked this so instead of actually BBQing, I had to pan fry it.  All I did for this dish was cut the bean curd into strips and marinated the strips in Mama Sita’s Marinade for about 4 hours.  I then pan fried the strips in canola oil (I didn’t use that much oil) on medium heat until each side was golden brown.  I served this with white rice and dipped the strips in Sinamak (Spiced Filipino Vinegar).  I personally thought it tasted like the Filipino breakfast sausage, longanisa and asked my hubs to try it but when he did, he laughed.  He didn’t think it tasted like longanisa and said that I really don’t remember what meat tastes like.  But I swear, for all you vegan pinoys out there, it sure tasted like longanisa to me : p

Next time I cook this, I’m definitely going to try it grilled.

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