bean tostada


here’s one of my quick and dirty trader joe’s recipes.  so easy you’ll want to add this to your busy week night dinners

trader joes vegan refried beans
whole wheat flour tortilla
trader joes guacamole hummus
shredded lettuce
taco seasoning, 2-3 tsps ( i eyeball it.  I basically just use enough to season the beans)
shredded vegan cheese
water 2-3 tbs
canola oil to fry tortilla

1) cook refried beans on medium heat.  add water and taco season to mix. constantly stir until beans are heated through.
2)  in another pan, heat oil on medium high heat.  when oil is ready, fry up tortilla.  it will only take a minute or less to cook each side.
3)  on the tostada, add the beans, salsa, lettuce and shredded cheese.  enjoy.