>2010 New Year’s Resolution

>here’s to the new year!! as 2010 is just a day away, many of us are contemplating on new year’s resolutions that we’ll actually stick to. the last time i remember actually sticking to my resolutions was 8 years ago.  what helped me (it was actually my brothers suggestion) was writing down my resolutions and coming back to them at the end of the year to see if i actually stuck to them.  so here i am, deciding on my resolutions and blogging them down.  hopefully by the end of the year i accomplish all of my resolutions.

long term:

1) plan out my meals for the week and only buy the vegetables/fruits that i am going to use.  i found myself always going to trader joe’s eye hungry and would just buy everything insight.  so much veges gone to waste.

2) buy 80%-90% organic foods.  i’ve been trying to buy mostly organic foods but i haven’t been very consistent with it.

3)  grow a small vegetable garden on my balcony. i think i want to start off with tomatoes and herbs.

4)  cut down to 1 cup of coffee per day and drink more tea.

5)  eat breakfast everyday!!!  i tend to skip breakfast in the mornings because i’m not that hungry.  i really need to change this habit.


One thought on “>2010 New Year’s Resolution

  1. >COOL blog, Jayn! Did you see this movie yet…"Food, Inc."? He also has a book "Food Rules," Completely changed my view but I'm not full veggie yet…LOL. I will be trying your recipes though…started thinking really hard about feeding the kids the right stuff. Even though it's so hard to change bad habits 🙂

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