>vegan arroz caldo (filipino rice porridge)


arroz caldo is a filipino rice porridge, which literally translates to rice soup.  it’s usually made of shredded chicken, garlic, ginger, and chicken broth.  this is the perfect dish to warm you up on a cold night or to have when you’re trying to get over a cold.

the version i cooked today for dinner is far different from my dad’s recipe (i may have to just keep that in the family, right bryan??).  this type of arroz caldo is what you will usually encounter at a filipino restaurant.  this particular arroz caldo recipe takes me back to going to max’s restaurant with my mom after school and having a merienda, or afternoon snack. yum.


4 thoughts on “>vegan arroz caldo (filipino rice porridge)

  1. >the recipe calls for vegan chicken strips (see ingredients list), which is made up of a soy protein with no animal products. you can purchase this at your local trader joes, whole foods, vegetarian section of your local grocery store, even asain markets.

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